many attempts at logging into hbomax with roku were insanely difficult because i used to have an hbo account. I have long since closed that account.

now signed into hbo on my roku i created a password that i didn't wright down ( i Know).

Banks, emails, amazon, almost any online company know people will misplace their pw and have convenient steps to change it.

After trying all roku and hbo steps on computer it's basically a catch 22. When you call the help desk

and they say they have sent you a password reset to

your email it's the same *** you couldn't use before you called the help desk. which has to be in mumbi or somewhere half a world away with the time delay.

even though i would like to watch some hbo shows it's really not worth trying to deal with the combo of cable streaming, 3 layers of passwords you have to

keep track of, and of course the *** customer service from india.

I'll just watch anything else

David Bennett




User's recommendation: If you pay for hbo and don't ever need help with anything you should be fine.

Preferred solution: Domestic customer service with clear phone connections. Real interactive fixes for simple common customer problems and not sent back to the cookie cutter choices of your online menu..

HBO Max Pros: Content.

HBO Max Cons: Terribly ignorant support staff, Zero support.

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