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I signed up for the annual plan and was very excited. Used it for a bit and suddenly when I would log in, I would be prompted to choose a plan.

When I checked the status of my subscription on the app it said it had expired. Seeing as I had not chosen to cancel and had been billed for it, I tried to get the service working. I had to to chat with 5 different people because every time they were looking into it the session would time out due to THEIR inactivity. I had to start sending random messages as they looked into it to try for it to not time out but just a little distraction and DONE.

No follow through on their end. Then I proceeded to e-mail them. They asked for info. and I sent it and in the next few days sent e-mails asking about it and they never got back to me after 2 weeks (Jonathan J was the advocate so be sure to be ignored of he gets your case.) After SO MUCH frustration to try to get a service I ALREADY PAID for running and absolutely NO interest whatsoever from the company to fix the issue I decided to call (third means of communication over a DUMB problem they should have fixed in minutes).

Between holding and the customer service advocate looking into it I spent AN HOUR on the phone. At this point I just told them to give me my money back. Two days later and nothing. I am giving them a couple more days and if they continue to just flat out ignore the fact that their system is not working and they are charging me for a service I cant use and clearly do not give a damn I am going to call my credit card company to deal with it.

i have never had such a TERRIBLE customer service experience before.

They do have some good programming but it is not worth their complete lack of interest in their customers and clear lack of knowledge regarding the workings of their own platform. Hard pass.

User's recommendation: RUN AWAY.

Preferred solution: I should get my full refund and a working annual subscription for my troubles. The lengths I have gone through to get this resolved and now cancelled are absurd..

HBO Max Pros: Good shows and movies.

HBO Max Cons: Zero support, Terribly ignorant support staff, Constant errors blocking shows, Does not work, Charged and got no service.

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Worst service ever. I still have 7 open tickets for technical support.

For whatever reason, my device does not get their signal. Despite their repeated promises, no one ever follows up.

HBOMax simply has the worst customer support in existence. Unhelpful and slow to respond.

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